Tooletries Bathroom Travel Case

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If there's one thing that's not been redesigned since time began then the wash bag or toiletries bag has to be it. Usually quite a dull affair the toiletries bag is almost designless just a bag with a zip. Well now it's gone a complete overhaul. This 'Tooletries Travel Case' is shaped a bit like a tool kit (hence tooletries) and specifically for men looking for a more rugged purpose made bag to put their toiletries in.

The Tooletries Travel Case is neoprene lined and has a mesh seperating net to keep your toiletries organised. The rugged carbon fibre look exterior has a soft rubber grip handle and matching clips

The Tooletries Travel Case is built tough, designed by two Australians who liked to travel they saw the need for a better designed bathroom travel case. And if it's designed and engineered by two Australian men you know it's going to be tough and rugged. 

The Tooletries Bathroom Travel Case comes in a range of colours. The colour varies by the trim, which is black, grey or red.

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