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Socks were invented by the Greeks in around 800 BC and since that day there hasn't really been a lot of sock development (apart from a twit who invented luminous ones in the 1980s). Now however, there are Toe Socks, probably the best thing since socks. 

Toe Socks are not only incredibly fashionable but they are actually rather comfortable and practical. For anyone with restricted toe movement issues, Toe Socks can help. As each toe has its only little space, blood circulation increases five fold as each toe has more space to move in.  And due to this extra space, toes remain dry which prevents bacteria growth (urrrrhh) and smells.

Toe socks are made of 100% cotton making them comfortable, durable and a pleasure to wear. You won't be tempted to lose these socks, we guarantee it! 

Toe Socks are available for adults. Adults are unisex and fit sizes 4-11.

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