Take Home Beer Carton

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Beer Cartons: 20 x Cardboard Carton (2 pints)
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There always comes a time where you should be at home and not in the pub. You can only ignore your phone for so long. That's where the Take Home Beer Carton comes in. More suited to real ales where that draught experience cannot be replicated in a bottle. However if you need to take your beer home it does not matter, either finish it there and then or leave it. The other option is to finish your beer the take another home. Just take this carton with you, or leave it behind the bar.

Choose from the printed 2 pint take home carton, the plastic (Milk carton style) which can be re-used, or the 500ml carton  (plain).


Beer cartons come complete with plastic seal and come in packs of x20.  Plastic re-useable 2 pint cartons come with screw top lid and come in boxes of x40.

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