Sporkasaur Children's Fork

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If a dog is a mans best friend then a dinosaur must be a childs best friend. With children being so keen on dinosaurs you would like to think that this dinosaur fork and spoon, or Spork, might help at feeding time. Any parents knows how difficult and how messy mealtimes can get, so any assistance is a blessing.

The Sporkasaur is a Pterodactyl, with wings and feet, but a spoon/fork for a head.

  • This pterodactyl-shaped utensil swoops in to pick up tasty morsels from plates
  • With a robust stainless steel head that works as a spoon and a fork, plus a soft purple silicone handle that's super for small hands
  • SPORKASAUR is BPA-free, dishwasher safe and suitable for children aged 3+


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