Sim Card Notebook

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Your mobile phone might be good for storing numbers, and you might be able to store the odd note on it. There are however somethings that just need to be written down. That's why this rather cool Sim Card Notebook is ideal for carrying around and writing down those essential notes.

Back up all your notes and essential reminders for the day in this iconic SIM style address book. Styled on the design of SIM cards from your mobile phone, these fashionable books are an excellent alternative to storing all of your personal contacts’ details. 
So if your phone goes missing, or you trade it in for a new model and want to swap over your numbers, you can pluck out all your data from your trendy SIM Card Notebook, a sort of SIM Book. Sometimes the way we used to do things are the way things should still be done.

Size: 135mm x 85mm


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