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Pop is no ordinary Weasel, he's a Weasel that unfortunately got runover. Pop might not have been great at crossing the road but he does make a great Door Stop. Just prop the door open with Pop and watch his eye bulge as he takes the strain of the door.

he might not look like he enjoys it but Pop would love to hold your door open if you'd just let him.

Pop the Weasel will wedge your door open with ease, although it might not look like he's enjoying it. Having said all this he's made out of toughened rubber. His frail little body has to withstand a lifetime of door stopping. Inside the mold of the body, is a water-filled sack containing a goggly, bloodshot eye. The eye pops out, whenever he’s squished under a door. And unlike real roadkill it’s something you’ll want to take home and cuddle.

Whether it’s shed doors, granny flat doors, kitchen doors, library doors, or billiard room doors, the toughened rubber allows Pop to withstand a certain amount of wear and tear. But he needs to be treated a modicum of respect, in order for his life as a door wedge to be extended. The water-filled sack containing Pop’s eye is quite fragile. So don’t go having arguments, and slamming doors. And if you do have to have an argument, why don’t you break some plates instead.

The splayed arms, and the sticky nature of the door wedge material, give Pop stability and friction with the ground. This stops him slipping, when the door is placed on top. We’ve tested him on carpets, lino, oak, laminate, shagpile and resin floors. He passed the test in flying colours. Although he does prefer being on carpets: it’s a bit more comfy, and there’s even less slippage.

The coffin packaging is made from sturdy card. A warped wood pattern is printed onto it. Lift the exterior lid, and underneath is a plastic lid allowing you to see the gore inside. The Death Certificate, Toe Tag, and Bumper Sticker are all contained in a compartment underneath the product. The toe tag is made out of recycled brown card, the Death Certificate is printed on A4 paper, and the Bumper Sticker is printed onto a waterproof sticker.

So if you want to stop your doors from creaking, stop them dead with Roadkill.

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