Peeramid Bookrest

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Not just for books, also use for eBook reader, for Kindle and iPad or Tablets.

Inspired by the great pyramids, this uniquely shaped pillow with bookmark tassel props a book at the perfect angle for reading - in bed, at a table, your favourite chair, on the floor or virtually anywhere else you choose. Simply placing the spine of the book into the ledge allows readers a free hand to take notes, snack and truly relax.


No more aching arms or trying to rest the your book pillow awkwardly on a pillow only for it to slide off. The Peeramid Bookrest allows you eat, drink or do just about anything else whilst still able to read your book.

Designed for readers of all ages — kids who read on the floor, students who read everywhere, to adults who read in bed or their favorite chair. The Peeramid is irresistible to anyone who loves books... a great gift for any occasion!

  • 100% Polyester - A soft suede texture
  •  Easy clean micro-fiber fabric goes well with anything
  • Rest your book on the special ledge for the ideal reading angle

Comes in burgundy, green, blue or black, please indicate a preference in the ordering instructions when checking out, but please note we cannot always guarantee this.






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