Micro Bank

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Material type: Plastic
Package quantity: 1
Minimum age: 4.0 months
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Product Description

Imagine being able to shrink loose change to a quarter of its size before your very eyes! Well...with Micro Bank, it's a reality...or is it? Micro Bank is essentially an illusion whereby a coin is dropped into the top of a box with clear front and into what appears to be a 'magic shrinking funnel' which shrinks your coin on its way down the pot below. When it hits the pot at the bottom, it has incredibly shrunk to a quarter of its size. Open a small door in the back of the Micro Bank and out pops your change restored to original size. Micro Bank is a very clever illusion, neatly presented and ready to work at any time. It's a great addition to an existing magic repertoire or a neat talking point for your desk at the office.

Manufacturer's Description

Think very carefully about saving your money in this bank. Rather than receiving interest you will see your capital sum reduce!!!! But not in value? When you insert your money the coin seems to pass through an imposibly narrow funnel and then appears magically minaturised in the vewing box in the base. A unique and incredible optical illusion. The stylish finish will not look out of place on an executives desk but it is also a fun way to introduce kids to the principles and physics of mirrors and optical illusions.

  • Introduce kids to the principles and physics of mirrors and optical illusions
  • Coin passes through impossibly narrow funnel and appears magically miniaturised
  • Recommended age 4+

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