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Create your own fine art gallery with the Make your Own Canvas Kit. Turn a photo into a masterpiece, everything you could need is included with this kit.

Photofuse Smart Film allows anyone with a computer and desktop inkjet printer to make their own stretched canvas prints. Print out your picture onto the Photofuse Smart Film Sheet then "stick" it onto stretched canvas or textured board with fantastic looking results!

The Photofuse stretched canvas kit has been specifically designed to enable anyone to add real texture and dimension to any digital image. Whether it is a holiday snap, a family portrait, a school project or an existing piece of artwork, it's extremely easy and cheap to put your photos onto canvas and other textured surfaces.

The most unique feature of this process, is that once completed, your image looks like it was printed onto the canvas itself. This is important because you can now achieve the same results as the widely used giclee (the professional method) process at a fraction of the cost.

Giclee is name given to how canvas prints are made today (before photofuse). They use expensive printers to print onto the canvas material directly then use expensive machinery to stretch the canvas material over a woodern frame then the canvas is stapled to the woodern frame using a machine. This is a labour intensive process, in which there are frequent rejects, and therefore this process is expensive!

But Photofuse is completely different because all you need to do is print your image onto our thin, self adhesive Smart Film and you simply "stick" it onto a stretched canvas which has already been stretched around a woodern frame and stapled.

All you need is a PC (which most of you will have if you are reading this), and any A4 inkjet printer which start from £30 which will allow you to print 8"x10" and 5"x7" images.

This pack contains:

  • 1x Smart Film Sheet 8”x10”

  • 1x Stretched Canvas 8”x10”

  • 1x Smart Film Applicator

  • 1x Hard Bristle Texture Brush

  • 1x Test Sheet with Software & Video Tutorial Link


  • Windows ME/XP/2000/Vista

  • Mac running OSX or newer

  • Inkjet printer (photo quality recommended)

  • Broadband Internet connection

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