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Little Thinkers: Dali
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It’s time to throw away your He-Man figures and replace them with something a bit more intellectual, and what could be better than one of our 'Clever Blokes'.

These bean filled dolls will certainly generate curiosity amongst friends or colleagues. With one of these on your desk, people will assume you spend your time contemplating the theory of relativity, listening to baroque music or pondering over whether the oedipus complex is a good idea or not.

There's scientists such as Einstein or da Vinci,writers Shakespeare and Wilde, philosophers like Freud or Socrates or even the former Indian leader, Mahatma Gandhi. There’s also Vincent van Gogh with detachable ear!

The range of dolls is as follows Beethoven, Buddha, Dali, Darwin, da Vinci, Einstein, Freud, Charlie Chaplin, Abraham Lincoln,Queen Elizabeth I, Gandhi, Karl Marx, Monet, Mozart, Shakespeare, Socrates, Van Gogh, Wilde, Sherlock Holmes, Che Guevera, Galileo, Jesus and Jane Austen. There is even a Scream Doll that lets out a scream when you give it a squeeze.

Each doll is approx 28cm / 11 inches high. This product is not suitable for children under age 3 (as they generally aren’t interested in classical music, philosophy or poetry at this age). 



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