I'm As Big As

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So how tall are you really? We all know our own height, but do you know how tall you are compared to other stuff? As tall as a badminton net? Or maybe a blue whale heart? To find out how tall or big you are in comparison to a random or somewhat bizarre list of things the I'm As Big As will be able to tell you.

Entertain friends and family and measure your guests when they come round. As well as factual and interesting the I'm As Big As wall chart will be an instant hit.

This 2 metre high wall mounted height chart has been beautifully researched, designed and produced. Perfect for kids and adults. I'm As Big As... reached the parts other height charts can't reach!

I'm As Big As...The Yeti? A giant panda (sitting down?)? A supermodel (average)? The longest ever moustache?

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