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With the Guzzle Buddy you can decant the wine from the bottle straight into your mouth. By no means does this mean you have to guzzle it, but it does mean that the whole bottle is at your disposal and not to be shared or wasted by anyone else.

The Guzzle Buddy is a large wine glass that fits straight onto the top of a standard bottle of wine. It has a stopper at the bottom that stops any leaks as you tip the bottle. This stopper has a hole in it which allows the vino to pour through and into the glass bowl above, the step just before it reaches your mouth.

Once the you have installed the Guzzle Buddy the bottle becomes your glass. No topping up, no pouring, just you and the wine. It's not only practical but it also means you there's no delicate glass of wine waiting to be knocked over onto the carpet.

Get your friends around, each bring a bottle of wine, assemble your Guzzle Buddy on said bottle of wine and that's your drinks sorted for the evening, no refills and no no sharing!

Guzzle Buddy is made from 100% borosilicate glass - Hand Wash only!

Great for wine connoisseurs, a bizarre gift or someone that really likes wine.

If you happen to know lots of Guzzle Buddies and require 10+ items then please email us for discount pricing.

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