FurCode Pet Identification Tag

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It might be a bit far fetched buying your dog a phone, but you can bring them into the modern age and give them an electronic identification tag.

FurCodes are a smart modern upgrade to the dog tag of previous generations. Each tag links to an online Pet Profile allowing pet owners to keep their pet?s contact, vet and care information current. Enter the tag ID in a web browser and it instantly renders your Pet?s profile page or you can scan a FurCode with a Smartphone?s QR code reader.  Note: QR apps are free and can be downloaded from all Smartphone app stores. Your pet?s profile displays only the information you decide which you can update at any time.

Just look at the table below to see the advantages a Fur Code Tag has over all over types of pet identification products.

FurCodes are Laser-Etched Aluminum, making them lightweight, waterproof and nearly indestructible.

Anyone equipped with a Smartphone or Internet access can quickly check your pet?s tag and find out where they belong, without visiting a shelter.

FurCodes place a smaller burden on the finder of a lost pet, making the likelihood of a pet returning home significantly higher.

Furcodes come in two sizes, small for smaller pets (cats and small dogs) and large for large dogs.

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