Daily Grind Cold Brew Coffee Kit

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We've all had coffee, and most have tried Iced Coffee, but now there's something new and is set to be the next big thing in coffee.

You can get it at your local Costa, but now you can also brew it at home with this clever little kit.

This is an amazing way to brew coffee cold which makes it taste better! Not to mention is a bit greener for the environment.

With the Cold Brew Coffee Kit you get the jar, a grinder and filter, and full set of instructions, the jar even has a top that turns it into a travel mug. It's quick, better than the 'hot' coffee we all know and you can make it at home!

Nothing is as good as when it's homemade, something you can now easily do with this home brew kit with re-useable travel Jar.

Daily Grind Cold Brew Coffee Kit comes with:

- Coffee Filter

- Travel Jar

- Full instructions


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