Crossword Puzzle Mug

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Enjoy your morning brew whilst doing the crossword. This Crossword Puzzle Mug has it's very own crossword on it. Not only that but when you've finished it you can get a whole new set of clues that fit in with the mugs pattern and start all over again.

The first set of clues are on the box, and once complete the answers can be washed off and you can get your next set of clues. Information comes with the box to tell you where to get the clues (free of charge) from a website. This will also provide the answers, where you print everything from.

The Crossword Puzzle Mug is dishwasher safe, so you can wash the inside whilst erase the outside of answers. The mug also comes complete with a free pencil.

A new crossword puzzle is available every month!

Each mug holds 14oz.

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