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The Chicken Nappy, also known as the diaper over the pond now makes it easier for your chickens to become one of the family. If you feathery friends have a tendency to come inside the house when doors are left open you now don't need to worry about them pooping on your furniture or all over the floor.

Chickens they say have more personality than most pets, just without the toilet training. So the Chicken Nappy allows you to have the best pet on the street, personality and no mess.


The Chicken Nappy comes in four different sizes, we will have an option of colours in a few weeks time. In the meantime if you have a preference over what colour Chicken Nappy you have then please indicate this in the ordering instructions - we shall try our best!

We suggest using a liner of some sort inside the nappy, it can then easily be removed and keep the nappy clean.

X-Small - Sized for the smallest chickens Breastbone to tail: 5-8"
Small - Sized for most bantam chickens. Breastbone to tail: 6-10"
Medium - Sized for most egg layers. Breastbone to tail: 7-12"
Large - Sized for large breeds and roosters. Breastbone to tail: 8-14"


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