Caravan Birdhouse

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The Caravan Birdhouse will have the birds in your garden feel like they're always on holiday. It's so cute and quirky there will surely be some tailbacks when this caravan appears in your garden.

Made to look like a typical trailor park type caravan from the USA, it's the perfect accomodation for the mother in law or any feathered friend.

Made from heavy-duty resin material and painted in glossy silver

The opening of the Caravan Birdhouse is big enough for Blue Tits and any smaller birds.

Dimensions: 9'' x 5'' x 5.5''

As with all birdhouses the Caravan Birdhouse should be kept in the shade.

Birdhouse entrance approx 3 cm diameter.

This bird house is made of wood with metal trim, can be hung, and includes a trap for quick cleaning.

Mother-in-law Suite Birdhouse

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