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With the onset of cold weather practicality takes over from fashion sense. Or does it? The Beard Head keeps you warm whilst looking err... cool (or maybe slightly bizarre). Beard Head will protect your head from the cold and keep your upper lip and chin toasty warm, much like a real beard would!

Try wearing a Beard Head out on the ski slopes and impress your friends with your awesome fashion sense! Do your best Viking or Pirate impression by donning a Beard Head at your next sporting event!

Stand in all your Beard-y glory as your friends and familiy stare in awe of your manly Beard Head! 

Viking Beard Head - Yellow: The Viking Edition of Beard Head is a magnificent choice for anyone looking to add some "mightyness" to their wardrobe! Some say the Viking Edition Beard Head may invoke the power of mighty Thor himself!

Lumberjack Beard Head - Brown: The Lumberjack Edition of Beard Head is perfect for those who wish to endure the frosty snow of the slopes much like the hearty lumberjacks have to endure the chilling temperatures of the Pacific Northwest!

Grandpa Beard Head - Grey: Ever imagined how cool it would be if your Grandpa could enjoy the slopes like you can by blazing down the mountain at stupidly fast speeds?

Pirate Beard Head - Black: With the soaring popularity of high-seas swashbucklers these days, who wouldn't want to be a Pirate?? Well now you can instantly transform into one by donning our Pirate Edition of Beard Head!

Beard Head knit beard caps combine the comfort and warmth of a traditional knit cap with the amazing styling of having a massive beard and moustache growing on your face! What person could pass up the incredible opportunity to sport his or her very own beard! We know we couldn't!

Beard Head knit beard caps are one size fits (mostly) all, durable and machine washable! They are perfect for skiers, snowboarders, sports fans and people who enjoy all types outdoor activities!

The unique design of the Beard Head allows your entire face to remain warm, even in the harshest weather. Your chin, cheeks and upper lips will thank you as the Beard Head keeps them toasty warm!




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