3D Poker Cards

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Cheating is bad, very bad. But if you are going to cheat you might as well do it well, and win a bit of dosh at the same time.

We would always advise against cheating, but if you were going to then these cards would help you do it. The deck seems like a standard set of 52 cards in 4 suits, but they hold a secret hiding in plain sight: each card back has a camouflaged autostereogram image that only becomes visible when you focus beyond the plane of the card.

If you can squint your eyes enough without suspicion you might just be able to see what suit and rank the card is.

  • Each reverse side initially appears identical but is in fact unique
  • When you find the right focus, the suit and number will appear on the patterned back
  • Includes 52 playing cards, 2 jokers, and instruction cards

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