Uutensil Scrrub Vegetable Brush

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Material type: silicone
Package quantity: 1
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The Scrubb kitchen brush is even cleverer than it looks.

The position and width of its silicone bristles are carefully designed so that if you brush one way then it’s nice and soft for delicate fruit skins but turn it the other way and it’s tough enough to clean the muddiest homegrown veg or even burnt on food off bakeware. Plus the silicone bristles are east to clean meaning they won't harbour germs. See aren’t you quietly impressed?

Üutensil is a British company that designs exciting and innovative kitchen products. The modern and stylish utensils stand out in your kitchen. They use a blank slate approach to cooking tasks that allows for new and better ways of preparing food.

Üutensil - changing the way we cook.

  • Ingeniously designed kitchen brush. If rotated clockwise it's soft enough not to damage delicate fruit skins. But anti-clockwise it's tough enough to tackle the muddiest vegetables or baked-on food off cookware.
  • Ergonomically designed handles fits neatly and securely in the hand.
  • Integrated finger safe potato eye remover
  • Silicone bristles are easy to keep hygenic and clean
  • Comfortable contoured grip for ease of use. Dishwasher safe.

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