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Now there's no need to save your comedy tie for a special day at the office. Just wear a Twisted Tie, which looks like any normal if not fairly stylish tie. The Twisted Tie is however a reversible tie, so just turn it over and there you have it, your comedy tie for the day, or just for the hour your boss goes out.

Brighten up those dull days at work by reversing your tie. If the dreary office banter is getting you down then hopefully any glint of humour can sometimes brighten the whole day.

Choose from one of five designs:

  • Pencil Tie - Blue Stripes on one side, pencil on the other.
  • Tongue Tie - Red and Black Stripes on one side and a very long tongue on the other.
  • Pull Me Tie - Red/White Stripes and a Pull Me sign on the other.
  • Roll Up Tie - Black and white fine stripes with 'rolled up cigarette' on the other.
  • Noose Tie - Black Tie with a noose design on the other side.

Depending on which tie you go for, will very much dictate how appropriate it is to expose your inner tie style – but we are absolutely confident that all heads will be turned in whichever venue you settle upon.


  • Reversible tie with one sensible side and one fun side.
  • 100% Polyester

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