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Some foods need to be scooped, some speared, some prodded. If you find yourself in this dilemma then here is the tool that's perfect for the job.

So next time you're stood at that finger buffet wondering if your plate is big enough at least you will have the means with which to consume it with. The ToothPiks allows you the choice of how to devour your food. Should you need to scoop or spear it's not a problem, no fingers covered in Houmous and no cocktail stick stuck in the roof of your mouth.

Just place the ToothPiks next to the buffet and your guests will have the right tool for every job. Picking and dipping not a problem. The ToothPik is tooth shaped, the root end is used as a spear and the tooth end used to shovel.

Less formal than cutlery but more practical than cocktail sticks and fingers.

No matter what’s on offer you’ve got it covered! 

Tooth Piks are washable, reusable, durable, and food-safe. They come packed as 23 sparkling white teeth and one lucky gold molar for that special guest.

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