thumbsUp! LED Screw Fit Bulb

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Product Description

If your idea of mood lighting is hitting the dimmer switch or lighting a couple of candles, this colour-changing remote controlled LED bulb is going to blow your mind! With 16 colour combinations and 4 separate lighting effects, you can control the ambience of your room with the click of a button - from chilled-out phasing glow to at-home strobe disco without even leaving the comfort of your armchair. What's more, thanks to its powerful 6 watt glow - standard LED bulbs clock in at 4.5 watts - it's bright enough for use as an overhead light. And with a life expectancy of over 50,000 hours (yes, you read right) you can be pretty sure your bulb won't croak it in the middle of a mood-enhancing mission!

Box Contains

1 x LED Colour Changing Bulb
1 x remote control

  • Mood lighting - 16 static colours / 4 auto-changing colours
  • 4 lighting effects: flash, strobe, fade, smooth
  • Brightness intensity setting (all colours are dimmable)
  • Powerful 6 watt LED bulb
  • Power off memory function – bulb will return to the same setting it was on when switched off

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