Super Hero Magnetic Pixels

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Make your own design or Super Hero with the Magnetic Pixel Set. Create youe own design or use the enclosed instructions to create the above Super Hero design. The Magnetic Pixels Set is a package that contains 1,400 square magnets in 16 different colors that create a pixel effect when you combine them. The squares are small (10 x 10 mm / 0.3 x 0.3 inches) and if you put them on a magnetic surface, such as a refrigerator, you can create very photo-realistic compositions.

Can’t come up with a design? Here’s an idea: open a picture on your computer using Photoshop and use the zoom option to enlarge it to maximum size. Now all you have to do is imitate the result by copying the outline and colors of the pixels you see. You can also make a superhero: the box includes instructions for creating two different models.

It’ll take you a while, but the result is fascinating: the images are blurry and out of focus when you look at them up close, but they become clearer and sharper as you step away. It’s like a real photograph or, rather, like some impressionist painting.

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