Spa Lights

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Spa Lights should add that bit ambience to your bathtime. If you like to take some time out of your hefty work schedule and go for a good old soak in the bath then the spa lights should hopefully make it that bit more relaxing.

You get two in every pack and you can either stick them using the suction cup(supplied) or float them in your bath water.

The lights are fully waterproof providing you have joined the two halfs together correctly after inserting the 2 AAA batteries(not supplied). You can stick them to the wall, side of the bath or your head, its upto you. You can detach the suction cup if you would prefer to float them in the water. There is small switch on the side to allow you to turn them on/off easily.

For kinds available: olour changing (slowly change through 3 different colours), Pink or Blue. Choose from the drop down menu above.

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