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You no longer have to stand around your smartphone trying to watch the video that everyone is trying to see. Just pop your smartphone into the neat little projector and the video or picture will be projected onto the wall.

The Smartphone Projector comes as a kit, so all you have to do is a quick bit of easy assembly and pop your phone into the back. The kit comes with a lens that provides upto x 8 magnification. So you and all your friends can now enjoy movies by smartphone whenever and wherever you like.

The Smartphone Projector will hopefully negate the need to download your movies onto another device so all can watch.

So get the popcorn out and sit back, movies by smartphone will become the norm. You no longer have to cram around the phone asking if everyone can see. Just project your 'very interesting' video onto the wall

Please Note: When using turn your smartphone to full brightness to allow for best result. You can even use the Smartphone Projector in a light room, it does not have to be dark.

Works most Smarthphones, including iPhones and Galaxy etc etc

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