Ransom Fridge Magnets

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You don't have to hold your family to ransom (or leave them threatening notes), but you can leave messages on the fridge in an original humourous way. Writing 'buy more milk' on the fridge with these magnetic Ransom letters will surely be a far more effective way of getting the message across. If that doesn't work then maybe you can dabble in a bit of kidnapping, but please leave the pets alone, perhaps just start with some their favourite biscuits?

No more sticky notes, use Ransom Fridge Magnets - the ultimate alphabet collection which is guaranteed to get your point across! You will wonder how ever managed without them!

The pack contains over 200 fridge magnets featuring multiple letters, numbers, symbols and punctuationnacross 2 printed magnetic sheets.

Multiple letters, numbers, symbols and punctuation included. 

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