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The SelkBag has now shrunk in size and is now available to children and small people, it's called the Musuc'Bag. The kids MusucBag or 'SelkBag' is obviously smaller than the regular Selkbag. It does however have a few differences making it ideal for the modern day kids lifestyle. 

If your kids like lounging around the house and you them a MusucBag don't expect  them to do it any less. Also great taking on your travels - camping, sleep overs or any other use you can think of.

The Musuc'Bag Kids is now in stock. The kids version comes in three colours; yellow, pink and blue. We will have two sizes of the Musuc'Bag Kids; K1 - 140 cms and K2 - 155 cms.

The Musuc'Bag Kids is a kids sleeping bag with arms and legs, a kids walking sleeping bag or a kids wearable sleeping bag


The Musuc'Bag Kids has the following cool features:

1. Ankle pulls to stop the leg area from bunching up around the feet.
2. Pocket on the leg for mobiles and other items.
3. Mobile / MP3 pocket by the neck (see images below.)
4. Kangaroo pockets on the stomach area with zips to zip all belongings away. Kangaroo pockets will be similar to a hoody pocket.
5. Rubber on feet to stop any slipping.
6. Fire tag on the outside “Warning – keep away from fire”
7. Name tag on back of neck - "I belong to:______________"


Weight: K1 3,15 lbs / 1,42 Kg
  K2 3,45 lbs / 1,56 Kg
Total Height: K1 150cm / 59inches
  K2 165cm / 65inches

Hollow Fiber Bonded 2x100g/sqm

  Polyester Taffeta 70D / 210T
  Polyester Diamond 290T / 50D
Comfort Temperature: 7°C / 45°F
Limit Temperature: 2°C / 36°F
Extreme Temperature: -13°C / 9°F
Colours:  Yellow, Pink, Blue

 All temperatures are based on the testing EU standard - EN13537. Everyone feels temperatures differently, we advise you work with the ‘comfort temperatures’ when choosing a Musuc’bag.


Size:-  Height 150 cm/59 inches (small) or 165 cm/65 inches (large).

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