Knit Your Own Moustache

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Like all of our knit your own products, you don't have to be an expert to knit them, in fact quite the opposite. All you need is a bit of persistence and be able to coordinate your fingers. So if you want that slower than instant but quicker than growing your own just get one of these kits.

It will be perfectly unique as you're the one that knitted it. So feel free to give it to someone to knit, someone else to wear. If you can't be bothered growing your own moustache for Movember then just knit one!

The Knit Your Own Kits come with everything you need. Lots of wool, some instructions on how to knit and you'll even get some knitting sticks.

Knitting has now become trendy, so male or female it's fun to do and is always a good life talent, so get knitting and add it to your CV!

If you get stuck just ask your gran, she is probably an expert in Moustaches....

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