I Will Not Fix Your PC T-shirt

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Some of us think we can fix computers, others that can't just switch them on and off, and we all know which works better. If however you are one of those genuine geeky people in the know then this T-Shirt is for you.

Everyone owns a computer and your Gran can probably send an email, but when they need fixing (not your Gran) it's always good to ask someone if they can 'just have a look'. If this sounds all too familiar then just put this T-Shirt on and it should free up more time to tinker with your own hard drive.
Alternatively for those that can't actually fix computers but like to think they can just wear this and no one will ever ask you to find out.

100% cotton.

Black T-shirt.

I Will Not Fix Your Computer T-Shirt size guide:

36"–38" - Small
38"–40" - Medium
40"–42" - Large
42"–44" - Extra Large

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