Hutzler Egg Scrambler

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There's now more room in everyones life for Kitchen Gadgets these days. Anything that saves a minute or two and makes life that bit easier. The Hutzler Egg Scrambler is no exception. Not only can it seperate eggs but it can also scramble them perfectly whilst aerating them for a nice and fluffy consistency.

The Egg Scrambler offers a fast and easy way to beat an egg. The small self-contained egg look-alike is all you need to quickly beat up to 3 eggs at once. Just crack your egg, pour into the Egg Scrambler, add the agitator ball, shake for a few seconds and you’re done. Then just pour the beaten egg into your frying pan or use for baking. No mess!

The quick & easy way to beat an egg!

The Egg Scrambler also features an egg-cracking edge and a removable egg separator. Made of plastic, it is dishwasher safe and BPA-free.

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