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If you happen to be a bit of a germaphobe when out and about then the Gryp Keychain is the ideal tool for you. Everything we touch has germs on it and in public places you have no idea what germs or where they have come from. The Gryp Keychain allows you to push buttons, open doors and grip things without having to touch them with bare skin.

The Gryp Keychain is germ resistant and easy to clean. Apparently only 64% of men wash thier hands after going to the toilet, and there are probably quite a lot who didnt admit not doing so!

The Gryp consists of a single piece of silicone spiraled into itself. The tab closure pivots to fit all finger sizes. It can also be assembled in reverse for left-handed users.

Just attach the Gryp to your keychain or similar, so its always on your person.


Colour: orange/citrus

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