Giant LED Table Lamp

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With their colour-changing abilities and super long life span, LEDs are the master of mood lighting - and this giant version encapsulates the best of their atmosphere-inducing tricks!

Complete with 'wires' as legs, it's a colour-phasing lamp designed to look just like an extra large LED. Switch it on to watch it cycle ambiently through a rainbow's worth of hues. What's more, because the legs are bendy, you can use it as a standalone lamp or attach it to other locations to achieve different lighting effects.


  • XL replica of an actual LED
  • Legs are made out of bendable metal so it works as a standalone lamp or can be attached to shelves etc for differing lighting effects
  • Phases through the full spectrum of colours
  • The ultimate in mood lighting
  • 3W bulbs run on 3 x AAA batteries

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