Funky Eggs Egg Warmer

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Funky Egg Warmer: Bandit
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Get a hand knitted egg cosy to keep your boiled egg warm in the winter. Just select from any of the above options to see the image of the Funky Egg Warmer.

The Funky Egg Warmers bring a bit of fun to breakfast time whilst keeping your egg warm.


Please note the egg cup is not included. The price is for x1 rather delightful nicely knitted egg warmer.


  • Fun for breakfast and at tea, a hand made egg cosy to make you smile
  • Fits all kinds of eggs, wash at 30 degrees, 100% cotton
  • Lots of other egg cosy folk to choose from - there's at least one for all the family
  • Contents: 1 egg cosy.

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